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It is with pride that Electro-Systems and its esteemed Chairman is sought after by major technology principles and key global industry players to be their partner in the Philippines because of the following attributes: Over 50 years of extensive technology implementation and project track record, Electro-Systems have the most advanced technology to integrate the monitoring, operation, and control of mechanical / electrical utilities and auxiliary. Manufacturers' support and Distributor of major manufacturers and brands.

Wellington C. Soong

Chair and President

In the mid-60's, Mr. Wellington C. Soong saw the challenge of providing high technology based solutions for the infrastructure requirement of growing enterprises. It was a revealing insight into a perspective of unending opportunities for a fast developing market.



The vision in 1966, had its evident realization in the growth of Electro-Systems. From its initial involvement in Audio Systems, Electro-Systems has evolved to be in the forefront of electronic systems engineering in the Philippines today. With the continuing global changes affecting the market landscape for developers, cutting-edge technology has become the standard benchmark for buildings to be Future-Proof. 

Electro-Systems continues to be the trailblazer in the forefront of Integrated Systems Technology.